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First Malpils Power SIA

The company is developing a small combined heat and power (CHP) plant at Malpils, Latvia, using Advanced Thermal Treatment Technology (ATT) to generate heat and power from biomass and waste.

The plant is scheduled to come on stream in 2017 and will supply low cost heat from renewable sources to the township of Malpils, so reducing the carbon footprint of the town to a minimum, helping make Malpils one of the “greenest” towns in the Baltic States.

The power will be sold through the Latvian National Grid under the Latvian Renewable Energy Law 2006 (as amended 2008) under under Obligatory Power Purchase Agreement (OPPA) provisions.

The technology being used is amongst the most advanced in the world achieving very high levels of efficiency and extremely high environmental standards for emissions.

The fuel will be biomass from local forests and wastes from households and commercial and service industries. The plant will provide an efficient and environmentally sound disposal route for a range of wastes, avoiding the hazards of putting wastes to landfill and inappropriate disposal of other wastes.

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